Reviews for "Pirate Defense"

Very good

Menu is very funny with the pirate doing his thing.
The game is suprisingly open-ended with the traps we can make, lots of possibilities and combinations, and we controls how they activate, and who they lure in!
Income is good so im rarely in a situation where i need more.
Lots of tools, good replay value imho.

Frankly, superb work here. I dont give 10 very often but you deserve it.

Fantastic Game

Love the idea of 'Linkage' really puts strategy into the usual TD game.

Only improvements perhaps would be to create some sort of campaign whereby there are more maps instead of just the Easy, Medium and Hard. i think the difficulties are great the only sad part for me was that only Easy had the Bridges and that for me was the best level.

I am proud to say I have completed Easy and Medium, but have to beat the Hard level (been on the last wave 3 times)!

Love the song aswell :)
I really hope you consider making a sequel to the game.
I can only give it a 9/10 as with anything there is always room for improvement.

Nice, but glitchy...

Nice ideas, good inavation. But when I played the 101 challenge it slowed but computer to a crawl and eventually pirtes just becun to teleport randomly around the map. Annoying yes, but I continued to the bitter end and killed all the pirates only to find that the game would end and acknowledge my victory anyway. Fucking Annoying. -2 points for that.

HeroInteractive responds:

Yeah, that is a problem. The "telporting" is actually pirates digging around the map. They dig when they are blocked in and can't get to their respective exit.

Good but unbalanced (my oppinion)

Its nice i liked the gameplay and it was fun (yay fun tis a rare thing) however i played easy and beat without too much difficulty BUT when i went to hard there were no bridges AND i started with only 500 gold more than half of that woulda been spent on barracades so they have to fall into the trap Probably the only trap i coulda made with what was left and then what was with the tree flinger thing it never worked for me (i felt cheated) because that was a major part of my trap AND then when i made a pit they just when around it How does that work? I was stuck with Tar coals and pushy things

HeroInteractive responds:

Yeah, Easy is pretty easy and Hard is pretty hard. You have to be creative, once you come up with some strategies you can beat medium and hard without too much trouble.

Want that song

where can i download this song? q.q