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Reviews for "Ness' Adventure Part 1"

Great great great!!!

That was so good. At the beginning I thought it would be rather boring... but then instant teleport and instant action. It was such a great game and the music complimented the animation making it even more enjoyable.
Awesome job I look forward to the next installment. :)


I found four "Yo!"s not including the one Yoshi said. One of them was written in the grass and covered up by the text box after only showing for a moment. Pretty odd little animation, haha. I liked it. :3

how dare u

u riped off super smash for gamecube!!! but good

Rock-Candy responds:

It is a parody. Idiot.


Although this was kind-of bland, I enjoyed it. I like the idea of this "Ness' adventure" series. The animation was great, as well as the concept, but it would be a little bit more entertaining if there was a little more than just background music. Maybe if you used some voice acting and sound effects, it would be a little bit more interesting. Great job though.

Nice music

Loved the take on the Mario music, and the utter 'wtf??' look on Ness' face when he lands in Mushroom Kingdom is perfect :D