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Reviews for "Ness' Adventure Part 1"

not bad =D

quite cool, plain but funny. just get some voice actors to make your animation a bit more alive. thers like tons of nice voices around NG which will be more then glad to help you =) anyway 7/10 as i see you just started and 4/5 for a debiut.

Steak 1UP

Seen many things like this before but still, everything went well together both music and animation. I would just suggest there being a better reason to randomly place Yoshi and his gang in there but I'm just nip-picking. It was pretty good, curious why Ness didn't do his thunder attack but oh well. ^_^

Oh, whey... ah, wh-- what? Was he saying?

Wow, though, that was really. . . Know what? It reminds me of Utah Saints. The same level of energy and. . . software. It's really, really -- know what? Ahhh well good luck.

I dun really get it...

The animation was decent but the plot line was lame. Could have been more original but the Melee Adventure mode was boring in my opinion and not much better in a flash animation...

I like your drawing style tho.


i hate ness but love ur animation is good