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Reviews for "Ness' Adventure Part 1"

The yo's?

Great movie, but the yo's dont seem to work, or do they do nothing?I tired clicking, nothing happened. Anyway it was a great movie. Good luck on Pt. 2

Rock-Candy responds:

They're not buttons, they're only there because liked to find them over at youtube.

Wow was Ness on Drugs or something?

I mean was that steak drugged or something? I mean he falls in to the Mushroom Kingdom out of freaking nowhere! But aside from all of that I liked how you were able to make a replica out of the MK stage from Melee. Nice job overall and can't wait for part 2!

Graphics: 9/10

Stlye: 10/

Interactivity: N/A Actually you could've made the press start interactive for fun.

Violence: 3/10

Humor: 7/10

Overall: 9/10

Great great great!!!

That was so good. At the beginning I thought it would be rather boring... but then instant teleport and instant action. It was such a great game and the music complimented the animation making it even more enjoyable.
Awesome job I look forward to the next installment. :)

found 3/4 yos

i manged to find 3/4 yos and a hidden smily face in rock try 2 bet me


I found four "Yo!"s not including the one Yoshi said. One of them was written in the grass and covered up by the text box after only showing for a moment. Pretty odd little animation, haha. I liked it. :3