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Reviews for "Spewer"

Okay, I love it :3

But, I tried out the Map Creator... *Ahem* How do you delete stuff or return to the menu. Cuz I have to refresh the page to reset it.

Yeeeah. Okay, bye. AGAIN nice game! I love it! <3
-54N5 (SANS)

Edit: I think I found out how lol. I used the "Completely Empty Tile" and it deletes it... (||_ _)...
Oof. I thought it was [X ] or [R ].
Although how in the world do you return to the title screen? I thought it's the same as the default levels...([Esc] or [P ]) Halp me plez (||_ _)..?
-54N5 (SANS)

Intense and great!

Hello >:3
EDIT!!!! I beated the game. It was ez but a bit chalenging. Time taken (i think) about 1H.
AND!!! One of the =^Meow^= (if i get more) is mine cause i react to my comments.
PS. I think this is my first comment here !=^Meow^=

Hello. :3

it's fun to see Edmund's other games