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Reviews for "Spewer"

1. Awful hit detection.
2. Completely unrealistic physics. I'm not sure if the author actually learned during the physics classes how do we add 2 force vectors.

It's a great game, but it's not perfect. I get stuck very easily on levels which some have bad design and not enough "Puke" to get through them without suffering. It has an amazing idea, and some of the levels are great, but unfortunately a few levels have bad execution which is why I can't give this a 5 star rating.

The game crashes with an unreadable screen whenever I play while logged in, but when not logged in, I cant even save achievements. of course, whenever I played before, it was a 5-star game. so, go for between the 2, and you get 3 stars.

gud puzzle game 1 of the best ive seen

Okay, I love it :3

But, I tried out the Map Creator... *Ahem* How do you delete stuff or return to the menu. Cuz I have to refresh the page to reset it.

Yeeeah. Okay, bye. AGAIN nice game! I love it! <3
-54N5 (SANS)

Edit: I think I found out how lol. I used the "Completely Empty Tile" and it deletes it... (||_ _)...
Oof. I thought it was [X ] or [R ].
Although how in the world do you return to the title screen? I thought it's the same as the default levels...([Esc] or [P ]) Halp me plez (||_ _)..?
-54N5 (SANS)