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Reviews for "CLAB - Suddle vs Senator"

SJD to advance, just because Suddle's first verse was a bit lifeless.

Props to both of you for doing it big.

Suddle: classic flow, clean and consistent and I thought the slow, chill first round then build up to the next was a good strategy given this beat. there weren't a whole lot of punches, even though you mentioned the name "John" a few times, the punches weren't necessarily exclusive to him. I laughed at the 'suck ass' lines even though they weren't personal. The first round seemed like some great, yet impersonal lines sandwiched between personals on the bookends.

Suddle's second verse was fucking savage in terms of delivery. Rebuttals galore along with an obvious ability to ride a beat beyond just spitting verses. Suddle's flow and dynamics kept me listening, and it was definitely the highlight of his performance. I felt like the punches were introduced well, punchlines sometimes lacked a payoff. The cricket line was reminiscent of the one Kill Bill used in the side battle. Overall though, it's obvious that Suddle can rap his ass off and deserves to be here.

Senator came in with rebuttals and punches consistently. I didn't like the approach he took to this beat, it seemed like he was forcing his aggressive style onto it instead of adapting to it. Some really sketchy rhyme schemes. feedback/ fix that, chode off/football, (?) It almost seemed like he took a more spoken word approach to his first verse, I don't mind a couple non-rhyme lines, but there were too many in there for my taste. Some good spins on homonyms, though with references to Suddle throughout and the punches kept coming.

Senator's second verse was consistent with his first one. Appreciated the constant attacks and trademark charisma, since this is a battle. However, a big booo for talking about how Suddle's only friends when he was in school were gurgle farts (or something)....then proceeding to go on a rant about how he was betrayed and doesn't have any friends. However, that was in the outro, so I won't count that as the 16.

Boxing scores:
Round 1:
Flow: Suddle 10-8
Content: Senator: 10-8

Round 2:
Flow: Suddle 10-9
Content: Senator 10-9

Since this is a battle, I'll have to give this one to SJD by a inch because of consistency and battle readiness and a minor deduction to Suddle for lateness; this battle is so close that it matters. Both of you guys have come scary good this whole time and this could have been the final match in a different bracket. Looking forward to hearing more from both of you.

SJD all the way Suddle didnt bring enough heat to even make SJD sweat SJD to advance

SJD killed suddle... nuff said

Well, suddle's first verse was average. SJD went berserk and murked him.
Then suddle's 2nd verse killed SJD. And SJD responded with a verse that I'm not really a big fan of.

I really like Suddle's 2nd verse. But his first verse was lame. So this is pretty much tied.

But I'll give it to SJD for the slight edge for the win.