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Reviews for "CLAB - Suddle vs Senator"

Not much to say here. NG has a huge boner for Senator, and suddle really failed to bring it on a colossal scale. So despite the fact that I said he shouldn't be in the Final Four, we will now find him in the title match.

I will show no reluctance in saying Senator for the advance. Sorry suddle, thems the breaks.

This shit was raw.

Suddle's punches:
-beatin' it to white teen chicks (SJD's signature on the forum)
-A song for the haters shows a lack of good music (crazy closer)

There's no point in pointing out SJD's punches cuz they were all punches. No filler at all that I can tell, or very very few. The gurgle fart shit was so stupid that it was funny. I lol'd at the "someone who's larrrrrrge" line. That shit came out of nowhere.
I'm diggin' Suddle's swag on his first verse. Good flow and delivery, but it doesn't work against a good battler. Suddle comes with the sick wordplay and rhymes like always, but it's not enough to beat SJD. It would be good enough to beat Teqneek though.
Props to both of you for putting on a show.

SJD.. Suddle was kinda good.. But not good enough..

suddle for the win
sjd is a joke.

Senator John Dean wins due to mere presence.... It's an unmistakable presence...