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Reviews for "CLAB - Suddle vs Senator"

Suddle Verse 1 - I feel like Suddle came into this battle not wanting to battle anymore. Especially with the whole you suck ass thing it just seem like you didn't put any effort into it. Song for the haters shows a lack of good music was your best line in the first verse.

SJD Verse 1 - This whole verse is killer and I cant really find any filler in it. Style is better than its been recently. The grandma and chode line was hilarious, ridiculous premises, and quit stalking the grocer was also funny. All around much better verse.

Suddle Verse 2 - Seems like you finally got into the battle here. Your style was a lot more engaged. The cream filed line and the dub hop lines were your strongest lines.

SJD Verse 2 - All I have to say is this was the nail in the casket I don't really feel like I need to explain. This verse alone wins you the battle in my book.

I give this to Senator John Dean.

SJD to advance. We don't need suddle's "swag swag faggot" rapping in the finals.

5 stars because I was mentioned!

Holy tits Suddle, what's with the shit mic quality and mixing in this battle?

Anyway, going with Senator John Dean on this one, Suddle came way too weak for me. You both had a lot of filler and just some random ass lines. The winner of this is going to have to really step it up in the finals if they want to win.

I'd give it to Senator 5-3 for better punches, intensity, and presence on the mic. I really liked Suddle's flow, but his shit mic quality and mixing, as well as his irrelevance and late-ness made this battle much less close than it should have been. His second verse was great, but his first one made it really tough for him to even try to come back. If both of his verses had been like his second one, he MIGHT have won it.

Anyway good battle, although a bit of a letdown. I was expecting better after how good your battles were last round.

I'm up in this clabtrap like hazmat asscracks.

I voted against suddle round -1 for that (because my opinion over flows like a fucking cup). An additional -1 for being late. Same critiques from the last review verse 1 by Suddle against Richard, he tends to start weak and go in for the kill. But for semi-finals I demand going for the throat from the get go like SJD seemingly does like the rest of his battles. The static feedback observation is even funnier when its true.


See that picture? All the reddest parts have Suddles verses.

Moving on. The bars over jokes movement doesn't make any sense because jokes are harder than bars to write. Real talk. And Senator has more bars and more jokes per capita. -1 for talking shit in the outro, the fart noises were immature but if you make finals you get to do that. Senator brings the writing, and the content. Suddle brings his dope flow (but go see a speech therapist you'd sound way better without the lisp or maybe your just dehydrated I don't know throw some mint leaves in with your bowls that should cure cotton mouth).

Due to the closeness of the battle the lateness is really the determining factor here. That and I don't personally feel he won the last battle he was in but votes is votes. Also I still feel Richard J. Amtmann III won vs Suddle in the last round but even with that -1 excluded let me finish this.

V1. Suddle has hypemen (or is that just himself) saying shit like woo etc, at the end of bars but its silly sounding because it sounds like someone down a hall. And the static and feedback bleeding onto the bridge on V1 for something thats ending on on a CD isn't acceptable (unless intended) but SJD even rebuttals this. Entertaining battle overall.

Winner by Technical Knockout

SudV1: white scene chicks+++, suck ass repetition+, singing off key+++, song for the haters+
SJDV1: feedback+, pissed old man+, bleed over+
SudV2: cream filled+++, repetitive garbage+
SJDV2: flagrant desperation+, returning crickets+, dat ending+
Vote goes to sudbubble: 12-6 Love.

I'm proud that my battle got SJD to think suddle is fat. Suddle will probably have to deal with fatjokes in battles forever now, lawl.