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Reviews for "CLAB - Suddle vs Senator"

Suddle1: I really like the mixing, it had a real oldskool/abstract feel. A few generic shots. The relax natural flow was nice. -1 late verse. Fav lines: "Suck ass scheme"
SJD1: The talking part was good. The rhymes were too forced and the flow was off. The energy is awesome. Fav lines: "Gramma's chode bit"
Suddle2: Great flips, aggressive delivery was a nice switch up from v1. Some lines sounded rushed. Overall my favourite verse in the battle. Fav lines: "Twinky flip" "Thug hop gimmicks"
SJD2: Very nice vocal dynamics. "Jakobe already wrote about dub hop"- bad defensive move. I liked the ending bars, sporadic and directed. Fav lines: "In the window/super nintendo"

-1 Late verse
-1 1st verse could've been more enthusiastic
-1 2nd verse was a bit rushed

Senator John Dean:
-1 Terrible pop culture references
-1 "...I'm a grosser" then diss Suddle for vulgarity. Overall, SJD's lyrics seemed weak and uninspired.
-1 The outro. Specifically the fart, it sounded nothing like a gurgle fart... the rest was pretty good lead up to final battle.

When I was under the influence of a liquidy golden substance I thought Senator John Dean won this, his over top delivery and silly disses had me laughing. When I was up in the sky after inhaling some yummsmo I thought Suddle won this with his lyrics, flow and thinking bars. On a sober listen, I'd say tie. I'm gonna go with high vote, Suddle sounded good during all voting phases; Senator sounds good when I'm drunk.
Suddle ftw. Bars over jokes.

I'd actually have to say that suddle won this one. When SJD's first verse started, I found myself asking whether or not he had actually started, or if he was just mid-song bantering. Confusing stuff. Also, I feel like suddle had a lot more aggression, while SJD was just being super casual about it.

SJD gets my respect, but Suddle for the advance.

FLeX is cool, but hes giving way too much power into flow in my opinion. SJD didn't kill Sudle either, unlike all the other voters said. Suddle's second verse severely overpowered anything SJD had to say as far as delivery, flow, and raw emotion. It also included some funny lines. Fact is though, SJD came hard with the punches, it was like a machine gun, constantly shooting. The battle was closer than you all think, but not nearly close enough to think SJD might have lost. SJD clearly was the better battle rapper here. MY vote--SJD

Senator John Dean
But i just think that for me Suddlenuance has the better rap voice imo.

Wow, SJD went hard in both verses, Suddle went hard in second verse. Pretty straightforward- SJD to advance.