Reviews for "Sirtom93's Adventure!"

A shot for shot remake of Sirtom's tale... almost.

I like how you took a pretty sad story but turned it into a hilarious game like this. The button took me a while to click, then when I thought about the tab key it was like I was having a revelation. I found it funny how you said Wade and the other weapons were unavailable, it really added to the humor. I enjoyed the music as well, I love me some Def Leppard and Black Flag. I'll be sure to recommend it to the bastards collection. Keep up the great work!

Kevin responds:

Thanks man!

I appreciate the review.



Funny game, but where is that vocalization at the beginning from?

"Hunja heeben augen derdun!"

Kevin responds:

Rock of Ages..... Def Leappad

The button

The creator of the game is under the impression that you can only click the button with tab and space or enter (he said in an earlier review)

I did it that way the first time, but then I replayed and actually clicked it with my mouse...

Just thought I'd let you know it's possible.

I did it right away and didn't let the button move once

Just whipped my mouse over it and clicked lightning fast!

Kevin responds:

I never said it can't be done...

People thought that that was the only part of the game so they gave it low scores.

I programmed it, I should know that it is possible to do it.

I just made it so that when the button it rolled over, it moves to a random position on the X and Y axis.

Also, cocks.


Can you even press the new topic button? But that's beside the point what a crazy little bastard this kid was. Also great weapon choices I really wanted the 1:1 size bb glock to use my new power of internet intimidation! Also why was the knife unusable I was under the impression he had a knife?

Kevin responds:

He had a knife...

and the button is clickable.



LOL. ONE petrol can and a few matches? Seems like someone hasn't heard about fire extinguishers. You could even piss that fire out.

Kevin responds: