Reviews for "Sirtom93's Adventure!"

hahhahaha *high fives*

nice burn dude *pees on mariolover to put out the burn* dude u got fuking owned! and learn to spel dumbass!*kiks mario in the stumik*

Kevin responds:

lul thnx mang


I lost! Oh wait...You're supposed to.


Kevin responds:



I don't think anyone gets what this is about.

I find this to be funny mainly because what it's based on, and that compensates for the quickly put together quality of this 'game'.

All in all, this is funnier than most parodies on this site, keep up the good work Kevin.

Kevin responds:

I didn't expect it to be this popular for a game I threw together in an hour.


Meant to review this earlier

Had some technical difficulty

So far the second one regarding that idiot and it's pretty hard. First time I beat it for real, second time I used the tab button, decent job though.

Kevin responds:

Thanks man, I knew it was kinda hard.

mind numbing


Kevin responds:

uh.... *marks as abusive* yeah....