Reviews for "Sirtom93's Adventure!"


medals don't work and you cant even burn down the school. >=(


I`ve got all medals...
You just need to direct your mouse to the direction of the yellow box ....
Then if you can squeeze the Reset button in the lower right. last appearance two boxes
Select one, Then you will get a Medal.
Repeat once more the game .. to select the next choices

Well Good Luck (>_<)V


That was actually pretty good for something quickly put together. Character customization and the ability to choose your weapon of choice. Long winded journey and the memories this brought back were well worth the time it took to play. Also the medals were a great addition.

Medals don't work

The Medals don't work :(
And is it even possible to burn down the school? O.o

Kevin responds:

An admin needs to update the file for the new one with the Medal API to work.

And no, that's the joke.


Hold tab and press space :P

Kevin responds:

This was made in several hours.

Over a year ago.