Reviews for "Sirtom93's Adventure!"


thats Just Epic... Damn The Sun For Labeling Newgrounds as a "Social Networking Site"

Kevin responds:

We don't have friends lists.

Therefor, we are not social networking.

Hell yeah

I was cracking up the whole time. Great job!

Kevin responds:



My god...

You fucking win... Also, you're the 1st person to make a game from this! :O

Kevin responds:

No, Jay11 made one already.

Sirtom93 flash #2

I think that I'm going to end up reviewing all of these sirtom submissions as they come through the portal.

Yours was much better graphics wise than the other submission from earlier today and you also had an actual game part to the game instead of just the predictable YOU FAIL part of the submission.

Things that you should have added though are him in prison at the end with a big black man (perhaps slap happy there would do the job ^^) Or a scene where Wade is calling authority figures.

Perhaps make it so you can control sirtom long enough to walk into the school and then get caught so there is just a little bit more interactivity.

Hopefully not too many are submitted at this quality though. They could get quite old quite fast. I wouldn't mind seeing one going into a lot of detail though.

Kevin responds:

Maybe when I have some time, I'll do a better one.

I just threw this together in about one hour.


Not cool man, after you click "Lets burn the school down" you get busted everytime. Looked like a fun game too....