Reviews for "Bloody Fun Day"


this game is fun it doesnt need big flashy graphics or a story line to be awsome fun had me playing for ages


Pretty good dude. Almost amazing. Love the abilties, but maybe more moving and different enemies/environments. :)


It was really fun it would make you distracted for hours but the only thing i recommend is that you should add more red critter/things.I dont really expect this game to be easy but otherwise GREAT


Dude. I like, didn't know anything could get this good. I don't even has sound. And stuff.
So yeah. Just like. -goes back to staring and drooling-

extremely good

the game was awesome, the music was amazing, the graphics were incredible... it was all good.

the only issue that i had was how quick i ran out of health, and the fact that there are only two game modes.

please make a sequel.