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Reviews for "Bloody Fun Day"

Addictive Puzzling Fun!

A very good puzzle game. It's a like a cross-between checkers (or draughts in UK) and the "three of a kind" type of games that are currently very popular, requiring you to plan ahead. The "special moves" are also an added bonus to the tactics that can be incorporated whilst playing.

The graphics and animations are crisp and the in-game music pretty good.

Definitely one that will keep you hooked to your computer for a while!

Man that game was so fun!

And addictive as hell! Your a brilliant designer, kudos!


Wow, that's probably one of the best flash games that kept my attention. Good job :P

This is great!

This game was so much fun! And the music is great!

that was awesome

extremely good...for that style of game that is amazing....real good work...maybe throw down some control instructions on your discreption....but gee idk....really good