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Reviews for "Bloody Fun Day"


Very addicting, a very fun game you've got here, but there is no satisfying ending! After 5 round a little text bubble says youre out of time, try unlimited, dosnt really feel like youve achieved much! Still a very fun game.

Yeah, it was fun...

I felt a little spaced out though after the 5 round map..doesn't really grab your attention amidst our world of Super NES's and Gamestations. Hmm.. I think the soundtrack helped to contribute to the overall monotony feeling that permeated the game..more than one soundtrack would've reeeeealy made a difference in something like that.

Overall, nice! ...and I sure as hell don't know how to make flash, so more power to ya for making this!


It was pretty fun for like 5 minutes, it was interesting and unique but I suppose just not my cup of tea


The game design and logical concept is good. I give 3 stars for the work.
But the idea to kill animals is awful. It wasn't so bad if you have to kill people in this game. But how can you kill this little cuties?


A little bland though