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Reviews for "Bloody Fun Day"

Is it down to luck? Not quite.

There are several strategies that can keep you alive a lot longer.

Aim for red ones. Be willing to cut through eggs to get there. Eggs only lose you two points.

Don't waste powers. Use the yellow powers on large groups. Save the black powers for an emergency.

Gold eggs earn most your points.

Using the double blue power on a large red group can keep you alive for a long time, as can turning a large group to red and then using the power.

Awesome game, anyway.

Great game

I enjoyed it, the idea of different attacks for killing different cuties was genius, and that is where the strategy seemed to lie. I got such a thrill when the giant group of cuties i changed colors turned red, and then using the double soul thing to get twice as much. It was gratifying. Great job dude.

Not bad...

need more powers though.

Cool and Fun

It's funny in a way, I'm not sure why but it is, it gets boring after a while, but it's fun and gory while it lasts...mmmmm gory...lol : )

it's good,

But while it masquerades as a strategy game, it's pretty much down to basic luck. If you see a group of cuties, kill them. If you see red cuties, kill them. That really seems to be it as far as it goes.

The graphics are pretty neat and the music is bouncy and mostly fitting, but when I play a strategy/puzzle that's not what I care about.