Reviews for "T.V. Sex Pals P.S.A. #1"

Hot Damn!

That's some funny ass shit right there! I think my balls dropped farther I laughed so hard! 10 out of 10 brah, keep up the good work!

lol funny

hay were did u get that pic of a guy about to get eaten by a shark?

DropTrou responds:

google image search

that was...

educational ^^

now i'm aware about the dangers of necro-sex

thanks a bunch!

OMG Latex?!?!

I really don't want to turn into a necrophiliac, or fuck a zombie inside their decaying reproductive organs. I don't know if that's supposed to be tasty fun or just plain disgustingly wrong.

Anyway, back on point, the video was splendid in the fashion of humor, voice acting, and the plain ol' story tellin'. It was the common artstyle combined with pictures of disturbing images that got me. I feel it was a bit harsh to show a deer with its guts splattered over the pavement. But maybe that's just me being squimish. The classical Mozart music and some twisted sound effects made it flow surprisingly smooth. To Everyday Ten Star Family Education!

Lube Rocks!

Dude that bottle of lube was AWESOME!