Reviews for "T.V. Sex Pals P.S.A. #1"


you're genius. didn't understand everything (cause my english sucks) but everything i could was just hilarious!

I lold!

heheh that was funny. You should make more of these heheh

haha funny as hell man :D

holy shit! now i finally know :P

Wow. Just wow.

Well... I thought I was going to make it through life without hearing a public service announcement on necrophilia, underscored by Beethoven.

I guess I was wrong....

My hat goes off to you. That slut joke at the end was priceless btw. Thanks for the late night laugh man! Gotta favorite this now... cause... uh... its funny... right... they'll believe that....

Don't fuck every dead person bc ull b a slut

@zombie4208: You know a little too much about zombies. And the necronomicon is the Devil's bible.