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Reviews for "Tzu - Solar Flare VIP"

i fill the beat deep inside my sole bro

Nice! I relly enjoyed this song. The sound effect is pretty cool.

I'm not that big of a fan of dubstep, as other people are. But, as a fellow musician, I can certainly appreciate music for music's sake. All things set aside, I just don't like the siren. Maybe it could've been something a bit more subtle. It kinda took over the whole song. But, it does make for good background music when I need to set a creative mood. Gave ya 4 stars, buddeh.

Nice, but then dubstep.

This sounds like someone broke a CD player with a lightsaber. While admittedly lightsabers are awesome, they're not the best musical instruments. The piano and some of the electronic sounds are nice together. Almost soothing, but then something happens to the sound and it goes all deep and distorted. Maybe there was an error in the recording? I can appreciate you trying to be original with the piano but the errors or whatever happened there are really kind of jarring and ruins the overall effect. 2.5 stars for the piano and melody, that weird discordant effect really killed it though.