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Reviews for "Tzu - Solar Flare VIP"

I love your work here Skrillex!!!!....I, mean Tzunami!!!!

how much dub could a dubstep step if a dubstep could stepdub anwser:10000000000000000

I really liked it, its smooth dub step and very cool! and for the heck of it, I'm gonna download it, I should be thanking you mate, THANKS!

As a rule, i wouldn't go around naming your songs "Dubstep" if they don't actually match that category, the dubstep genre right now is literally nonexistent, with a poorly defined spectrum of sounds and/or BPM which somehow encompasses all types of dance electro at the same time and makes it seem more prevalent than it actually is. The word has become the new "Techno" in that it's suddenly describing all electronic music with a slow pace or "Certain sounds".

I'm really not trying to be mean or anything, but this is glitch hop, or glitch electro. Which is a very very different genre, and as an avid music listener it's a serious pet peeve when genres are mislabeled. Dubstep consists of a full on oscillating baseline that makes up (in multiple places) the overlaying melody of the song.

Just trying to be helpful, youtube a few gltich hop songs and you'll find a really strong similarity.

Tzunami responds:

I do know what Glitch-Hop is, I actually favorite the genre out of most. The only flaw with calling it said genre is that the actual "glitch" isn't in this song. Perhaps if I had included a good amount of stuttered and reprocessed sections it could pass for that possibly. As well the modulated bassline is clearly depicted in two separate "chorus" sections in the song, with various Ambient-esq and Hip-Hop synths backing it up.

The genre was selected as it's the closest thing to what I put my focus toward in the song. If I wanted to be technical, this would be your typical new mainstream Hip-Hop song (take Strange Clouds for example). Either way, I do express your concern on genre choice, as I would of been critical and specific about the genre, but it's not possible with this system, so I go with the biggest inspiration.


Okay, so it's a pretty boss song over all but.. I liked the intro, real melodic, then the more techno sound comes into the picture, keepin' it interesting still sounding good, but when the heavy dubstep kicked on I lost interest. The stepping just had sort of a grading effect on me, it sounded like you just blended some 8-bit sound effects (maybe 16-bit I dunno) and mashed it all together, I know from the rest of the song you really had something going, but the stepping just through it off. I really want to here some more of your work, but maybe try some different effects to blend next time