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Reviews for "Tzu - Solar Flare VIP"

I love it. I go for a lot of different dubstep and this was one I enjoyed. Thank you for letting me have this wonderful experience!

I'm not typically a dubstep person, but this was a great track. The way the song was set up made it relaxing, but then it transitions into something more intense. Very well done. 5 stars.

You know what

Dubstep might just be shitty fluctuating sounds with high treble, that end up ruining a song or tune.

I guess I'm doing it wrong?

I really enjoyed this piece for one specific reason.
The intro synth loop that you had faded in the background; it's the 'perfect sine' in music. It has unlimited potential. And I very much appreciate hearing someone use it. I personally play many many instruments myself, and in all of them this sine is essence in itself to artistry.
Well done.
Ps. I see what you mean by 'sloppy' but still. I enjoyed that particular 'facet of the gem' a lot.

Tzunami responds:

Thanks a lot J03M0N. There are a few patches and sounds that I especially love using, which can really make or break a song. That just happens to be one of my personal favorites which I've used in a few songs now. It really gives off a nice tone no matter how it's blended into the song.

Kool, it's match for my dance crew song.