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Reviews for "Tzu - Solar Flare VIP"

I love the beat of the song mostly, as for the drop the sounds are really choppy, and not in a good way just my personal opinion other than that its still enjoyable
4/5 Fav'ed


wow this great this song is one of the best songs I've heard dubstep I loved it good job

XD XD XD XD XDX DX XD Ehe...heee.......put fullscreen and stare the micenter of the screen and sit back and enjoy the music for 2 minutes and watch somewhere.....BOOM! ur on a drug trip...teehe! #-)

I just love it!

The laid back sections are well done. The guitar sound, if that's what it is, is damn trippy going left 'n' right while the piano, plucks, strings, and whatever else hold down the beat!

I didn't like the drop sections much. The drops had some cool notes that I wish were played some more. They seemed more like solos than grooves too. Not that they have to be grooves, it's just what I like.

I do think that the buildup at 3:05 was tight! Wish it was longer though; it would have made the drop way bigger! :D