Reviews for "Pentagon n' Oval"

a masterpiece...

... of contemporary art. An expression of the severe lonelyness that the 00's have brought upon us with its endless techonologies. This piece covers every emotion from anger to sadness, with a touch of humour where it's most needed. This moved me more than shawshank redemption and requiem for a dream put together, not to mention the skillful artistry and smooth animation. Sharp drawings (I have never seen such sharp pentagons) accentuate the message of the film.
One question though: are the pentagons a metaphor for the corporate world, or are they just jealous cause they have smaller cocks?


Smooth Animation.
Jokes were random.
But generally not funny.


where your corners

Lol a bit

yeah im not gonna lie made me giggle

Um. How about I just give you a 5?

This was allright it made me smile a little. But you need to put more work into these things I think