Reviews for "Pentagon n' Oval"

Good old fashion prejudice

I love how urban and racist the Pentagons are for like no apparent reason, "Yo boy, where your corners at?" Your brilliance never gets old, in fact this is how they should teach kids their shapes.

Now give me a high five.... sides!

Oh my...

Pure brilliance. People will say what they will for shape cartoons, but this gets the job done! I dare you to try to make a sonic recolor into something this great, lol.

"You are great"

You no what swain all of your episodes are nearly perfect i know you must be taught this crap ok. So is animation your dream or just a studied hobby of yours man everything you have made include'in this made me piss my pants
i would give you an infinaty but it is not here as an option

Whats there to say?


xD tis funny

This makes maths fun =P