Reviews for "Pentagon n' Oval"

Omg that was funny

Wheres your corners Boy?! I have no idea why that was so funny.


i thought it was halarious XD "highfive, SIDES"

& 2 xxLonelyHunterxx just because its simple does`nt necessarily make it bad, if u look at the rest of the comments ur pretty much the only person who did`nt enjoy it. ive seen amazing animation in flash but crap dialog and it ruined the whole thing
MORAL OF THE STORY: animation <story+dialog

High five, SIDES!

Can't stop laughing :)

this is so AWESOME!

omg ive watched it for like 50 times and im still laughing when he says 'im going home you bojo' xD fuckin hillarious

your mama gave that to you?

nice little flash, great vioceacting^^