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Reviews for "Crossblock"

Great !

It was very, VERY interesting ! I played it to the end. Graphic was good, backgrounds were good, musics were right... and the puzzles: Some were hard(about 10-30 minutes) to solve and I think that FAR more to create them, some normal and I don't remeber any really easy(I mean from puzzles 10-50)! It isn't bad, it's good for me. The whole game "stolen me about two hours of my life". But it was funny time !

djtrousdale responds:

Thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed! :)


stuck at # 40...and skipped the 6x6 square level...are they even beatable? still nice game. good and addicting gameplay. i like how the difficulty progresses as the game goes on. Loved the graphics and the ever-moving (or never stopping) background.

djtrousdale responds:

Thanks alot! :D


i like it and it gets hard. i haven't seen a game like it.

djtrousdale responds:

Awesome! Thanks :D


I got stuck on 32 or 33 with a big long s shape... anyway very good puzzle game... made me think more than sudoku and freecell put together... :D A very good puzzle that outshines any of its kind, good job!


i HATE puzzle games. but for some reason i love this one. good music, challenging puzzles, and no annoying backgrounds.