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Reviews for "Crossblock"

Well done.

I only got to lvl 15, but it is very well done. The concept is simple, and it;s nothing I have seen before, therefore, original. Got to hand it to ya, awesome hame ya got here.


this games addicting fun and keeps your attention, i just played it all the way through and actually didnt get too bored 5 stars no regrets

Great challenge

I after 3 tries i finally got to level 47, skipped 48 and 49 but couldn't figure out 50. Great Game!

About The Game

this is a totally fun game! i been playing for many, hours cool flash you have did the quality is Perfect i love this mans flashes! awesome. my friends played it to they all loved it


Yo i love this flash so, much. i did a submission and it was 5 awesome job!

Better than average, but so easy?

I blew through the first 20 stages without any stop and grew bored. Some people have the eyes for stuff like this though and some dont.
Good game, man!