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Reviews for "Crossblock"


kinda weird idea but it is VERY CRUDDY GAME graphics stunk (note read) to hard add a difficulty setting

ur right

it isnt as easy as it sounds. its easier!!!!!

Okay puzzle game, pointless religious zealotry

It's an okay puzzle game, but what's with the religious zealotry? If you want to cower in fear that a sadistic supernatural entity is going to torment you for eternity for giving in to your biological urges...Well, that's your business, but leave the rest of us out of it. I could have written a review based on just the game, but you chose to put your bigotry in the "author's note", so I'm judging you on that too.


i beat hte game in like 5 min. and it gets boring after awhile

this is hard

this game is sooo hard to beat!! wow 1/10