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Reviews for "Crossblock"

Major BRAIN teaser

MY HEADS ON FIYAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

djtrousdale responds:


i liked it

it is a nice puzzle, although it was a bit too easy. still nice

djtrousdale responds:

Thank you. :)

very good

very good yet very hard, i stopped at level 26 (not that i couldent do it, just level 25 took so long for me to figure out that i kinda got sick of it, no offense of course) anyway, all around a good brain teaser and a good overall game.

nice work =D!

djtrousdale responds:

Glad you enjoyed. :)


love the game, kl music, graphics is wicked, looks like ppl had trouble on level 30 ?? not to bag, was a bit hard but i got it, i gave up on 41 .. wicked gmae though, make version 2 but this time with like coloured blocks, eg:
red blocks can mean no entry
green blocks may mean like can be cut through at any angle
and like let the blocks be able to be cut at differnt angles too.. otherwise eat shit (Y) and be merry...


this game was good. it puzzled me, and made me think.