Reviews for "Clab - Suddle Vs Xst@tyk"

Well suddle won this pretty handily. Better flow, better punches, better everything. No contest. Though x had a good second 16 but still no candle held.

Suddle dominated this.

I could not understand XST@TYK, the lyrics I did understand were good but not enough. Sometimes microphone quality does matter, sorry.

suddlenuance. has my vote.

Couldn't listen because of XST's mic clipping. I felt my speakers begging not to be destroyed. This has actually nothing to do with XST's lyrical content, cuz the mic was clippin so hard I couldn't understand the words

daaaamm if you remov XST@TYKs verse then ths could atcually be a super dope song. suddlenuance ftw