Reviews for "Clab - Suddle Vs Xst@tyk"

Suddle for the advance. XST@TYK had better lyrics than I expected from listening to his hype track, but the flow and the mic quality in general turned me off from him.

XST to advance.

I need my alt to win.

Suddlenuance all the way i could understand him and his beast mode rap good flow and punches mad props to XST@TYK though your still better than me bro!

Suddlenuance to advance!

X was great, but I think Suddle just killed it. Both had great lines, but I'd reccomend X buy a pop shield (or get a pair of tights and a coat hanger) because it was hard to appreciate his flow with all the frickin pops and crackles. Really hard to call, so I'm kinda glad my vote don't count.

good battle man, had a lot of fun doing it.