Reviews for "Clab - Suddle Vs Xst@tyk"

Suddle did really well, hitting with specific lines and putting in work to win this battle.

XST@TYK also did a LOT better than I was expecting. With a better microphone (seriously, use a Rock Band mic even and it'll sound much better) I think X has potential to be a serious competitor.

Suddle takes this battle. I give 3 stars simply because of that mic and the popping kinda ruins the whole track.

Aside from the bad mic quality from X the lisp and flow was really off putting for me. I feel suddle took this one easily.

suds killed you dude

XST@TYK defended himself well, but his mic presence was lacking and he needs to buy a pop filter right now.

Suddle's verse and delivery were superior, but his attacks weren't as snappy as I was hoping for. Either way, good battle- but Suddle wins by a landslide when it's all said and done.

Suddle is going to take this one even though I thought XST came back well. Suddle just had him backed up the whole time and I felt like the spikes in XST's recording were avoidable, it sounded too enhanced. I couldn't hear it and turning it up loud enough caused my ears pain.

Suddle on flow and MOST lyrical content.... XST had some good lines, just everything was muffled and crackled.