Reviews for "Clab - Suddle Vs Xst@tyk"

Xtatic doesnt sound black, and personals are obviously something that suddle forgot how to use... Xtatic wins, but, for god sake, either buy a new mic or edit the audio.

Suddle, lyrical tip, production, delivery, flow. XST... nothing.

I'm definitely penalizing MCs for breaking rule 14 next round.

Lyrics: XST@TYK
- I liked his flips a ton more.
Flow: suddlenuance.
- Much smoother.
Style: suddlenuance.
- Much fresher. Although, XST@TYK's sounded pretty good at times.
Momentum: suddlenuance.

Categories: 3-1 suddlenuance.
Vote: suddlenuance.

I wish there are a song with just suddle's verses ._.

I don't know why would go into a battle with a rockband mic....
Suddle won hands down.

Xst@tyk did good. But his mic was horrible, sounded like he was using a dollar tree headset. Suddle for the win.