Reviews for "The Day Keanu Stood Still"

Epic win.

A great majority of these made me laugh so hard. They just played up so perfectly to the Keanu Reeves stereotype. "Woah" indeed. I think I've had a Reeves overload just now, haha. Brilliance in pictorial form. I loved how there was a mix of obvious insult towards Keanu, then there were actual serious portraits. Good to know it's not just one-minded. Still, wonderful collaboration of images. I think Keanu Reeves should win more awards because of this. His legend will live on forever. Classic.


Good job everybody. Lots of.... interesting..... pictures there. And a good idea from Tom.


Funny, especialy if you go through the whole thread yourself because you miss quite a few ones when it speeds through a ton fast. And to those saying people only vote high to suck up to tom fulp, people vote high because THEY HAVE A SENSE OF HUMOUR. Go get one, then come back and watch this. Many of these pictures are very well done, and others are absoloutly hilarious.

GORGEOUS i think...

Only because I like the matrix and tom fulp is my bitch :}

Deep and thought provoking

It made me realize and understand so many things. Thank you for this...