Reviews for "The Day Keanu Stood Still"


i wouldve contributed but mine probably wouldnt have done so well

this is what my joke submission would be: -_-

*OUCH MAN, WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MY EYES!!!!!!!!!1111"

Augh as soon as I saw it, I giggled and then my eyes hurt and I got a massive headache. Shit. That's why I fucking hate Keanu. ;w; They should have made Jet Li or Some awesome black guy like that one dude on the Spawn movie... That'd be fucking great. I was tired of the "I know Kung fu" and "Whoa" shit. If I wanted to hear "Whoa" a million times, me and my friends would smoke some weed, you know what I'm sayin' ;3; "Whoa, dude I'm fucking tripping, man... Jesus is leaning on the fucking wall, man..." "WHOA I TOTALLY SEE JESUS TOO, man..." Jesus: "I'm not Jesus. I'm James. And you're smoking all of my bud, but it's cool. I got some more, man... With mashmellows and shit, man....~~~" All: "Whoa!!!!! Marshmellows!!! Jesus rocks, man..." Me: "Yeah man... Christianity and weed rock, man...." >O Do you REALLY want that to happen? lol

haha good job

this one was actualy good enough to make me log back in just to vote it up

lol at him whackin it in the shower


Yo the chosen mutafucka.


so many penises... the only movie i liked keanu %u0131n was the matrix