Reviews for "The Day Keanu Stood Still"


keanu stinks!!!!!! FUNNY


i saw mine. ZOMG.


Nice drawings.

I agree with takumidesh

Tom can do whatever he wants on his site and Jon(JMartin97) is an idiot. These drawings were a collaboration of great artists and how can you blame Tom for wanting to show it off on the frontpage?

You guys that are complaining are just making yourselves look bad, do you really
think Tom wants to hear you bitch? He doesn't care! Newgrounds is successful and the upcoming art portal will only make things better.

All that bitching doesn't exactly work in your favor. Most flashes on this site wouldn't have a chance if Tom didn't put them on the frontpage, maybe one of the artists in this flash will be inspired to make a great flash work?

Watching this is way faster than reading the thread anyway.

Animation: 5/5
Sound: 5/5
Humor 10/5

Epic Control of the Website!!!

Its things like this that prove Tom Fulp is the boss around here.

To all those people who have crapped out this Collab - especially Olzie - TOM FULPS MADE THIS PLACE AND HE WILL DO WHATEVER THE HELL HE LIKES IN IT. ;-)

Moving on, some of those pics were just utterly weird, but some were quite awesomely done. I like the continous Woah reference as well. And I saw Bill and Ted's Awesome adventure in there too so 10/10. :D