Reviews for "The Day Keanu Stood Still"


I can't believe you actually put my crappy ass pic in this mess. Either way, nice job everyone.


when morphiuos is all like "your the chosen one muthafucka i laughed so hard!


this was great, that's all i have to say.

And to all the idiots before, don't say stupid shit lie "this doesnt belong on newgrounds" If you took some time to se the creators o mthis epic movie then you would see tom fulp himsel was the collab organizer, and i'm pretty sure that you can't really say "hey tom ulp, i think your video is not approriate for newgrounds" 'nuff said


It's funny cause it's true...

meh not bad

I probably would love it if I knew who keanu was. It was pretty good though, the art was really good as well.

Please keep making more