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Reviews for "Doodle Battle"

Congratulations for a job well done.

Ignore the 2 comments below because neither has thought about the originality nor the quality of the video and the prior one has particularly ignored the drawing style which was used in this animation which was not ugly but appropriate for a 'doodle'. It was a clever idea which followed through well. Congratulations on the completion of it.

come on, man!

This video had a lot more potential than you put in it. Instead of having the two paper figures STOP fighting, they should've CONTINUED to fight while the world erupted into chaos which eventually ended in a nuke. Bad job.

ActiveObjectX responds:

I take it you have ADD and need nonstop violence and action on screen at all times.

im sorry

i thought that was quite gay.. :S and the people in it were really ugly so yeh sorry bout that


IT WAS AWESOME! loved it


Great concept, great execution. 'Nough said.

Well, maybe almost enough said.

The concept is good, but it's been done before. Though I do admit that I prefer your life action version over http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view /65230