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Reviews for "Doodle Battle"

Very very very cool.

I truly enjoyed this, and it's obvious you put a lot of effort into it. I love the fact that you still remembered that the figured were drawn on lined paper, so thier lines were still visible when they came to life (You would be shocked to hear of how many times that's forgotten..). *smile* Nice work. I hope to see more of this in the future!

<3 Sapphire

awesome man!

Really good animation....lot of skill in that. Well done :D:D:D:D


That was frikin sweet not like the stupid cartoons that you see here most of the time very nice and very origana.l


Great,but a little blocky.I also loved the Bill Crosby knockoff thing on the chalkboard.Keep 'em coming.


this animation is so good
just the mixture of film and animation is great
this animation deserves to be rated very high and to stand in the top 10 of animations.
hope we'll see more of it soon (well as soon as possible ^^)
10/10 5/5 (witch is below this level of animating)