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Reviews for "Doodle Battle"

That was great

Tying in animation to real life video is pretty hard. I think this one was pretty well done. Keep it up :)


Just like me.
Time to boring stupid class and nothing to do.
Just like my old time.

OK This flash flash back to my past(not same as but nice day boring...).

You make me fun!

Good acting Smooth action and more freaking style!!
Not blame yourself V know what r you doing here LOL~!!
You AWESOME!! Thank You!!


SOO cool!


I think the cartoon showed how boring a day in school can be. I also think that the first fight scenes were Great. But the later ones SUCKED. DON'T ADD ON TO WHAT
IS ALREADY GOOD!!! Otherwise, It was a great cartoon and you should keep at it.

Nicely done

Great mix of reality and animation.

The way the sword was drawn and the thin figure just picked it up, that was well executed. At no point did I think, "This is ridiculous." despite how wacky the idea actually is. Job well done.