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Reviews for "Doodle Battle"

Sweet mother of awesome animations

rocked. plain and simple.

A Thumb Sideways

Meh It was a good concept, u shoulda taken it further, there was also some decent animations, i liked it but the part where war breaks out is where u lost it, other than that nice try.

Could have been alot more entertaining

I was enjoying it at first, but when things started jumping up from everywhere I got abit lost. I think you would have been better off with a 1v1 fight, those two students just taking it in turns to draw on the paper, then that drawing jumping off the page. There's nothing new or interesting in this flash, sorry but I think it could have been alot better

ActiveObjectX responds:

What you suggested to make this movie better...is what I did in the movie. Clearly you didn't see the movie I made.

comon honestly......

the best part was the push shuv punch......honestly the rest didnt make much sense


this would be great for a coke commercial.