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Reviews for "Pokemon Pizazz"

At first, the music reminded me of Tarboy, and as soon as I heard you voice I thought: Isn't that that Hania-what now from Tarboy?!

Really good work there, and voice.

This is amazing, Your voice in this reminds me of marcilene the vampire queen... (I could actually imagine her singing and playing this XD) The only nitpickyness I have is the glitchy parts (mainly the one right before the middle of the song sounds slightly out of place... But that just might be my computer lagging.

Great job Hania! I got goosebumps listening to this! :)

Boring and i feel like a part of my childhood died inside listening to this. Hate all you want, the original is always the best.
Keep the pitches the same, i understand you want the jazz feel, but try to hold the notes and words.. it was a little too plain for me, almost as if you were only saying it (I know... Jazz, still isn't poetry though).
You do have a good voice, but that won't make it when you are comparing it to a cover to a song that is near and dear to many 90's kid's hearts.

Anyone else think this shoulda been into pokemon the movie 2000?