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Reviews for "Pokemon Pizazz"

This was awesome im tempted to have a cheese and wine party just so i can play it

This is great! I want to use it when teaching dance classes!

How the heck you resisted to sing the actual tune is astounding. Love you, love jazz, love Pokémon. Ticks all the right boxes. A superbly well balanced piece. All that's left now is Yu-Gi-Oh and BeyBlade and whatever else was childhood.

This..is amazing. I love it. love love love it. Great job, amazing effort, i applaud you and the work you put into this!!! and GREAT VOICE!

Very professional. You put a great deal of love and effort into this song and it shows. Taking this piece and adapting it into a Jazz/Blues feel is not easy and you made it seamless. Even the added lines improved the original and gave you rendition all your own. Keep up the great work.