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Reviews for "Pokemon Pizazz"

This is very nice and calm. It's calm enough to relax to the point of sleeping. I love it. I'm wondering if you had done or thinking of doing a Hawaiian rendition of the song due to Generation Seven of the nearly 25-Year-old Franchise.

Josej75 is either trolling or not into good music. Either way his opinion is irrelevant. Very talent and an excellent cover. Please promote yourself! Imagine Pokemon wanted to use this in an ad. GAIN MORE EXPOSURE!

2/5 Too calm. Can you give me a link to the other versions?

Wow, this is great, the instrumental is build up solidly and your voice is just great! I also liked the new melody you gave it, simply great!

Such a jazzy and calming cover. I could see this being used in a Noir film piece as Ash, Professor Oak, or Looker tries to solve mysteries, beautiful!

hania responds:

Thank you! :D So glad you like it!!