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Reviews for "Pokemon Pizazz"

A very interesting spin on the Pokémon theme. As a cover of the original it's flawless, but as its own song, I do wish that it... went somewhere. It stayed laid-back the whole way through; it'd be nice if it built up into something a little more involving by the end.

love it :)

sexy, beautiful and in a sense sensual almost romantic in terms of a slow dance in its for its a poetic gesture.

I come from a Jazz Performance Major and I can tell you right now this is very impressive, I really liked how you transitioned this song from its original composition. I would actually classify this as a slow Latin jazz feeling song more than a jazz standard, there would have been a lot more ii-V progressions. If you could have scatted for a couple of bars that would have made this even more tremendous. Don't stop, like ever!

Um, marry me? I'm not even kidding, that was amazing.

When I read that you'd added a verse I was a little concerned, but once I heard it, I decided it should be made canon. Every part of this song just worked, brilliant effort!