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Reviews for "Tower Stacker"

Pretty Cool.

I've always liked the stacker games, but this seems like a simplified version of others I have played, nontheless its still fun, and more challenging to line the blocks up perfectly as you progress to greater heights. You can tell how unbalanced it starts to get, as the stacked blocks no longer smile, as they feel uncomfortable because the tower is becoming shifty. As long as they are smiling after being placed for a good while, then your doing a good job.

I agree with one person there should be a check point system and maybe a few obstacles to keep it interesting, I'm adding to that idea. Say every block you place decently, you get a money bonus, and you can pause the game and spend that money on block upgrades, you can still use original blocks, but you can spend money on block upgrades, like some are awesomely heavy, not enough to make the tower collapse or crush the blocks under it, but it amazingly balance the wobbling tower if set properly, thus being a new checkpoint to stack new blocks. And maybe have a few birds flying everywhere to shit on the blocks, and it adds an improper balance to the tower, being hit by the shit, or merely the shit sitting on the block causing an imbalance. Make towers to shoot pidgeons, and other towers when placed, has little window washers come out and sqweedgy off the shit. Just a suggestion.

I also find it annoying someone got a 1-million point all time high-score when this game was just submitted, thats pure bull-shit, theres noway that was an honest score, even to the games physics thats clearly impossible, someone should seriously implement cheat proof ware into these games, and just erase that cheating asshole please. He will just sit on top of anyone else, even if they did a possible amazing score he will just be like "HAHAH OMFGZOR NOOB MY SCORE PWNS ALWAYS" goodness put those people out of their misery. :)

I enjoyed the physics of how the tower falls, everything just crashes and collapses, even if you fail you get a cool scene to watch, its a bit funny seeing them all frown in shock from that, nice touch.

Great game I'll be playing it again, I'll recommend this to a game collection where it truly fits.

8/10 Stars.

4/5 Vote Panel.

xVegetAx, NG Portal Lieutenant.

very cool

fun game, I just feel very suspicious about that guy who got the score of 1 million feet!
how does anyone get that high?? lol,

well great game man, nice work,

Voted: 5


nice game although super stacker is better i consider ths more of a minigame wouldn't you?


There is something wrong with it though. I don't feel the need to keep going. YOu should perhaps have a checkpoint height at each level and make it increase every round. Put flyng obstacles and if you hit it it's minus 10pts (1ft =1pt). Just something to give it a sense of a system instead of build till it falls.

It is a bit simple and can wear out. But it is a good step.


it was pretty good
simple, yet addicting