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Reviews for "Tower Stacker"


Howcome there isn't a way to watch the towere colapse?! It just pauses and says "Explore". That sucks.
Aside from that, it was a game that I was able to enjoy for a couple minutes, before the lack of destruction drowns out all the fun.

good game in all but one way

this is a game where you advertised a spectacular fall but oce the things start falling its ove, you dont see them fall...it just pauses and says try again...BULL!!

Good but,,,

It's a simple concept, it works, it's challenging, but there's not really a lot to it, I found your super stacker game MUCH better, I was really hoping for a sequel to that one with more levels. To be honest I'd have expected this game to be the original and Super Stacker to be the evolution. It almost seems like you've taken the gameplay back a step. Saying that it was fun, kept me entertained for 10 minutes, just not enough to hold my attention. Please make a Super Stacker sequel.

I gave you 5/5 as on it's own, it's a really good game, the physics are spot on, the smiley faces add character, and thank god you added a mute button, not that the music is terrible, it's just on my system flash music is always extremely loud, even on the lowest volume setting, and I have to abandon a lot of games due to it. Sorry, I'm getting off topic... 5/5 for the game on it's own, but 7/10 as compared to Super Stacker it seems to be a step backwards.

Keep up the good work :)

I love these games.

They're lots of fun and can keep you occupied for a long time trying to get as high as possible. Managed to get 401 and then gave up hehe.


I got bored after 300 feet and I had the sound turned off so I can't comment on the music