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Reviews for "Tower Stacker"


this game is easy the challange is to put up with the slow moveing blocks and not bashing your face into the screen when you've realized your been playing this usless game for an hour.....so no this is just no


Its fun as anything and very chalanging.

very chalanging!

keep it up! im a tough critic you know!


i really enjoyed playing. the game is simple but the physics are really good.i got to 500 ft XD

I very much enjoyed this game

it was beautiful to me
the music was badass and not annoying.
i liked how you had the option of toggling it as well as exploring!
the exploring feature set me in a "whaooooooooooo that's really coool" like trance.

after i was done playing the game, i just left the window open for the music, it was great.

i loved the faces the blocks made! it was cute.

everything was over all amazzzzzzing. =]